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Corian A Go-To Worktops Material As It Offers So Many Benefits

Corian is a very strong substance that is formed by combining aluminum trihydrate and acrylic powder. Corian worktops Essex durable not only durable and high in quality but also low maintenance. This material is used for worktops in the kitchen, hospitals, schools, laboratories, and clinics. As it offers good hygiene, therefore, it is given importance to maintain a healthy environment. To clean it, you only need a damp cloth to wipe off any liquid spillage. 

Why should you choose a Corian worktop, Essex? 

It comes in a variety of colors that can complement any interior of the house. It is mostly a preferred choice by architects because of the beauty it adds to your house. However there are some rules for handling the stones for greater durability and less damage, likewise, you Should avoid placing hot utensils directly on the corian worktop. Although this material has heat resistance quality, a very hot pan may damage and stain the surface. To take safe measures, it is always advised to use a heating pad.

How to maintain them?

Don’t place hot utensils and pans or cut fruits and vegetales directly on the worktop surface as it may cause some stains and scratches. In case if the scratches do occur you can always find some remedies on the internet. To get away from the hassle, it is always advised to use a wooden chopping board. 

We have a really quick solution for scratches on the corian worktop, wash the surface with water and rub the scourer lightly on the wet surface in back and forward motion with a little 90-degree change in direction. Don’t put too much pressure or rub in circular motions as it may cause more scratches.

When you’re done with the procedure rinse the scourer under running water to remove any residue of material. After removing the scratch if you find the area different from the rest of the worktop then simply slightly sand more area to give it an even look and color blending. 

The advantages of installing these worktops

Like we mentioned earlier that corian substance is very beautiful but did you know that it is also non-porous which makes it healthy and free from germs and bacteria. On top of that, corian worktops Essex have a longer life, low maintenance requirements, stain-resistance, and are easy to repair. Its amazing properties make it the best choice for residential and commercial purposes. 

Installation process 

You need to hire a professional to install Corian worktops in Essex, a smooth installation requires choosing the right cut of material. You should go to a reliable supplier who delivers and installs worktops in perfect condition without damages. So what are you waiting for, now you have all information related to Corian worktops and you must have gotten an idea that why it is such an amazing material to opt for.

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